Where We Stand

For more than two decades, women have increasingly been the majority in college journalism and mass communication classes. An increasing number of females also have become newsroom executives. Those are great strides. Even so, national reports—such as the annual survey conducted by the American Society of Newspaper Editors—put the number of female workers at newspapers at less than 40 percent. Since that number was released, the industry has experienced reorganizations and layoffs, especially within newspaper staffs.
Although national surveys and reports give us a sense of what’s happening in newspapers and media outlets around the U.S.,  AWJ’s goal is to get an idea of where we stand locally. What kinds of jobs do we women do? Where do we need to make inroads? What can we expect in the future? What do salaries truly look like—in this media market, one of the largest in the country. Finally, are employees satisfied with their jobs?
Where We Stand began in 2007 with our first survey of journalists questioned at the end of 2007 through the beginning of 2008. 
The first Where We Stand: AWJ Surveys Chicago's Newsroom Staff report was released in October 2008.
Read AWJ's most recent Where We Stand survey (pdf), released January 2014.

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The second AWJ Where We Stand survey and report are being developed. 

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