2015 Committees

Committees work on a number of programs for the membership. Listed are the chair and active members of each committee, as well as each committee's agenda.

Board Development

Oversees board member and committee recruitment, orientation, strategic planning and succession. 

Chair: Cheryl Corley
Members: Allison Bowen, Amy Guth, Nneka McGuire


Oversees association's revenue strategy.
Chair: Amy Guth
Members: Claire Bushey, Suzanne Cosgrove


Oversees membership recruitment and the listserv, and monitors members' needs, expectations and experience with the association. 

Chair: Tracy Baim
Members: Lauren Choolijan, Pat Terry


Oversees AWJ events such as the annual meeting, picnic, the Millennials Mixer, panel discussions, workshops and trainings. 

Chair: Kim Bellware
Members: Carla K. Johnson, Nneka McGuire, Judith Nemes


Administers AWJ scholarship offerings, assists in fundraising efforts, networks with college journalism professors and departments in the Chicago area, and with universities that are the college home of a substantial number of Chicago area residents.

Chair: Anne Johnsos
Members:  Alison Bowen, Cheryl Corley, Linda Lenz,


This team updates website content, manages AWJ News and works with the other committees to promote initiatives via the website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. They also work closely with the program and career development committees to plan new media education events and workshops for members.


Chair: Felicia Oliver
Members: Kim Bellware, Alison Bowen, Claire Bushey