Interviewing for a new job, a promotion or a raise? 

Whether you succeed or not, the impression you make is critical—and it's decided in seconds. People make up their minds almost immediately whether they want to do business with you, hire you or even get to know you better. They respond to your presence: what they see when they look at you, what they hear when you speak.


Discover how you can create that winning impression at AWJ-Chicago's Nov. 12 program—find out how you can inspire confidence and trust in just seconds.


Our speaker, Catherine Johns, a former Chicago radio anchor, reporter and host, coaches entrepreneurs and professionals whose business success depends on networking, speaking and making presentations. Johns teaches them to craft a clear, compelling message and deliver it with confidence and charisma. She'll help you do the same.


Register now at and develop your own winning gameplan on Wednesday, Nov. 12.


Photo Above: AWJ's successful panel on "How to Negotiate" a job, a raise, a promotion (June 24). Left to right: Amy Guth, general manager of Red Eye/Metro Mix and president of AWJ-Chicago; Jody Michael, CEO/founder of Jody Michael Assoc.; and Lynn Hazen & Assoc.